Book exchange books complete!

The eight books that were due on Valentine’s Day were actually completed in time to arrive by the deadline. Yay! I’ll make two more for a series of 10. Usually I do an “edition” of manuscript books (if there is such a thing), but this time I’ve done a series instead. To my mind, the difference is that I didn’t try to make these books closer to identical. The painted pages are all different. But the text, which consists 8 haiku, are all the same.

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Exchange books 2017

Series of 8 artists books combining paste paint, stylized photos and calligraphy.

Madly working on a series of exchange books to be mailed by Friday. Why oh why is it always a push? But I know why. For the past 3 months, no idea has been good enough … until it had to be.

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My Woman’s March poster design in use

I was pleasantly surprised to see my poster design picked up and used in marches across the country on January 20. And really surprised to see it in a conservative article covering the march

Combined with another design on top.

Also, tweeted here in the US and retweeted as far away as New Zealand. And picked up and used in Facebook headers. 

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Daily lettering

Daily lettering.

It’s a little hard to focus these days, but I’m still trying to get a page of lettering done each day.

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Daily lettering

Trying #2-1/2 Mitchell nib with a combination of Sumi ink and jet black gouache at an x-height of 4.8mm. partway through, I gave up on a nib that was cupping, and not much happier with the new one.

Oh, and the actual sign was “You can’t combover mysogyny.” What is mysogyny after all but a form of hypocrisy, anyway?

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Some trial lettering for our guild project

Trial lettering a quote for either “imagine” or “juxtapose”. I haven’t decided which. Jacob Bronowski.

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Paper-cuts I love

Patrick Cabral, in Manila, does some pretty awesome papercutting. See more at his Instagram account:

via Strictly Paper.

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Poster submission for Women’s March on Washington

In association with the Woman’s March on Washington, there was a call for posters and banners. The deadline was today. Here’s my poster submission, done in pencil, scanned and stitched together in Photoshop:

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Christmas card 2016

I didn’t send out very many Christmas cards — really, just to family. 

The front of my 2016 Christmas card.

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An exercise with tongue depressors

Wooden craft stick and walnut ink on drawing paper.

At our local guild meeting today, I led a small group of us through an exercise that Yukimi Annand taught us two years ago at the Big Sky Scribes fall workshop here in Bozeman.

We tried lettering with matboard and squares of thin plywood as well.


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