The amazing exhibit @ Roman Holiday: “artplay: A Rosie Retrospective”

I’ve just returned from the most wonderful week at St. Ambrose University with hundreds of lettering artists and faculty. The first international calligraphy conference in five years was a roaring success. The exhibit of Rosie Kelly’s work was a jewel among the many week-long offerings. Imaginatively and beautifully curated by Pamela Paulsrud (and maybe another person?), it was a delight. Here are some photos from the exhibit.

There were a couple of tables in the corners with a chair which encouraged gallery visitors to sit with some of Rosie’s books. And two larger tables in the center of the gallery held several chairs each, with Plexiglas cases containing 15 or 20 more books that could be held and read and delighted in.

I didn’t get a photo of the entrance, a curtain of strings that held printed images of some of her work. It was a magical start to a magical experience.

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