Two of my artist books on display in CONTENT, upcoming show at The Artery

I’m honored to have two of my books selected for inclusion in the artist book exhibit CONTENT at the The Artery in Davis, CA. If you follow this blog, you’ll have seen them here before.

Scintillate, Scintillate is an edition of 12 manuscript books. I talked about them earlier in detail here.

And Omnigatherum: A Lexiphanic Glossary for Catastrophic Times is an edition of inkjet-printed accordion pages that fold into a box. More details and photos of that edition may be found here.

A circular accordion book

Circle accordion book (with monkey weight) and wrapper.

Towards the end of March, I made this circular accordion book as a gift for a friend. It’s a springy structure, so my three brass monkeys are sitting on the book to keep it closed. The book goes in the wrapper, shown upstage. I wrote one quotation out one side of the accordion, and balanced the message of that text with a poem on the reverse side, so that it functions rather like a dos-a-dos book.

Circle accordion unsprung.
Circle accordion unsprung.


And now for something completely different

Well, it’s still book arts, so it’s not completely different. But I was cleaning up my studio and came across a book I recently purchased, Little Book of Book Making, by Charlotte Rivers. The book showcases a series of accordion books with washi tape covers, made by Ruth Bleakley. I decided to try it today. I like the result, which is rather difficult to see here. It turns out that a piece of shiny book cloth is not the best background for this book. This book is 3 in x 4 in.

2015-01-21 washi tape accordion book