Just what are all these goodies from The Passionate Pen calligraphy conference?


One of the many fun things about the annual calligraphy conference is the goody bag. It's always packed with interesting tools, samples, information, and ideas. At The Passionate Pen, I never got a chance to go through the goody bag in any depth, so I packed it up with all my other art supplies at the end of the week. Today when I unpacked it in my studio I couldn't just put away all those shiny toys without finding out about them, at least a little. Here are the results of those explorations.
Pencils were very big this year in the goody bag. We got three different kinds of broad-edge pencils, a wash pencil, a couple of sketch pencils, and more. Then there was the ZIG Artist Sketching Pen with its alcohol ink, the little ballpoint pen/keyring, a stamp, 2 sets of Sakura Pigma Calligrapher markers (plus a 1mm set that I picked up at the trade show in return for proof that I had experimented with the 2mm and 3mm sets), and a shocking pink gel pen.
Other tools included artist soap, KISS stain remover (which many calligraphers swear by), gum arabic powder, walnut ink crystals, Pearl Ex metallic powder, and a rubber stamp. It was fun trying most of this stuff out.
And, um, I never did finish unpacking.