Bauhaus today

This article about the resurgence of #bauhaus on social media on the AIGA website caught my interest when it was first published on January 8. I've kept open in a browser tab ever since, returning to read it several times since. And now I'm posting about it so I can close the tab 🙂 (Housekeeping is such chore.)

The article raises a few separate issues that resonate.

First, what does it mean when a hashtag gains popularity? Do those who post it know what they're saying? We don't know because it arrives with little or no context. And #bauhaus in particular! a concept that is all about context and interdisciplinary work, and which sought to weave art and craft into the fabric of everyday life.

And yet. And yet. As the article points out, social media has succeeded beyond every expectation in weaving itself into our everyday activities — without much of the art/craft, one could say. But new ways of communicating, the memes, the construction of meme generators — many of these are so creative and on-point.

As the article points out, both the Bauhaus school and the social media companies have attempted to present a neutral face, letting their students/users take the political stands. It hasn't worked out well for Bauhaus or Facebook.