New classes beginning in January 2019

I’m planning to teach two 6-week classes beginning mid-January in Bozeman. To make it as inclusive and accessible as possible, I’ve set up a poll to discover what you are interested in learning and what time day on Mondays you could attend. If you’re interested in taking the class, please fill out the form at the bottom of this post to let me know what interests you and when you could attend.

In response to some questions about the class, here is a little more information.


  • The Monday afternoon class will take place in west Bozeman and I will take a maximum of 10 students. The cost will be $80 per person for the 6-week course.
  • The Monday evening class will probably take place at the Emerson, and I will take a maximum of 6 students. The cost will be $140 per person for the 6-week course.
  • Students are welcome to bring what they have that would work. I am happy to provide a beginner’s kit for students on the first day of class for the cost of the materials. This has typically run about $20. (I assume people will have basic office supplies on hand, such as pencil, eraser, ruler, etc.)
Class structure and assignments:
To give you idea of how I run a class, check out this link to the overview and one week of a class I taught in 2016. At the bottom of the class you can see syllabus and assignment for week 1; I add to this, week by week.

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