A penciled “scribble” from Cuba

On the plane rides back to Montana from Cuba, I whiled away the hours in my pencil journal. Here’s one of the results:

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  1. How wonderful Beth. I thought about you as I walked thru Reed College the other day. I went into the book store and they have a fabulous collections of pens for sale. I wish I had thought of that before I had discovered that most of my art pens were dry with age… Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Beth
      This is sensational. Love your “doodling”! I plan to print it out and frame it. Can’t think of a better way to tell the tale of where we were. Please let me know when you are in SF for a calligraphy show at the library; I think you will be more aware of the event even though I live here!
      Best to you and Ed,

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