And brush lettering again

ZIG Cocoiro brush pens, losing ink and also being replenished with Pelikan 401 ink. On Strathmore Drawing 300, 11" x 14" pad.
ZIG Cocoiro brush pens, the first pen losing ink, the second one with a full barrel of ink, and then the first one replenished with Pelikan 401 ink. On Strathmore Drawing 300, 11″ x 14″ pad.

I’m not making much progress with brush lettering, so this will be the last post of brush lettering for awhile. Still, I’ve enjoyed it but I don’t see that I’m accomplishing much. I’ll be thinking about that in the meantime.
One of the brush pens ran out of ink and I didn’t have a brush refill (having accidentally ordered the extra-fine tip, which is more like a flexible drawing point). So, using my jewelry-making-size pliers, I pulled off the brush tip … and the base of the brush tip … and the stem inside that … and the base that the stem fit into. Then I squirted some Pelian 401 ink into the barrel using a thick needle-less syringe that was perfect for the job. Then put it all back together and tried it out at the bottom of the page. Interesting. As I wrote, next time: remember to wear rubber gloves. My cuticles will thank me for it.