C is for Carl … Rohrs

C is for Carl Rohrs.

3 Jan 2015 -- picking up a brush again after a long hiatus


Letterforum, the 1995 annual international calligraphy conference, was held at St. Mary's College in Maryland. I took two 2-day workshops with Carl: "Pointed Brush Laboratory" and "Signs and Broadsides". This was my first education in brush lettering, I believe. To watch Carl wield a brush was an eye-opener, introducing me to the concept of brush sensitivity that John Stevens has explored so eloquently in his book, Scribe.

Here is one of the pieces that I did in that workshop. (I thought that I had read the quotation in a Madeleine L'Engle book, but I've never been able to find it since.)

2015-01-03 Carl - my piece in 1995 workshop
White ink and pointed brush on Canson Mi-Tientes, done in a 1995 workshop with Carl Rohrs