From this weekend’s Big Sky Scribes workshop

Montana Prairie JournalingA page this weekend's workshop -- Montana Prairie Journaling -- in Billings, Montana, taught by Jocelyn Curry. The workshop was a lot of fun. I hadn't done any sketching in quite some time. I bought a Winsor-Newton Cotman watercolor kit for the occasion, and enjoyed using it.
In workshops, I'm a slow worker (but not so in my own studio, for some reason), so my case was completely undecorated at the end of the workshop, but I did get all the sheets inside done.

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  1. Wow! Didn't know there was such a cool thing going on in Montana – course I'm not a callighrapher but I'd still be interested.

    Anything book wise going on in Bozeman? Anyplace over there to get paper now that Artcraft won't sell anymore? I'm desperate for some cover weight paper for accordion style books.

    Judy Strom

  2. I haven't been Bozeman for very long, but I haven't found much going on book wise. I've been considering teaching a book arts class here sometime.

    I buy most of my paper online now. My favorite is Arches Text Wove, because it's big (25" x 40" grain-short), just the right weight at 120gsm, takes abuse well (paint, writing, soaking, etc.). I recently got a batch from Daniel Smith when it was on sale.

  3. Well if you decide to teach a class be sure and let me know. I'd be willing to drive over for it.

    1. The Big Sky Scribes of Montana (Montana & region) has secured Reggie Ezell to conduct a workshop April 30-May 1, 2011 in Bozeman.

      1. I’m looking forward to it. He’s an excellent, very experienced teacher. I took his year-long master class back in 1993. This spring in Bozeman, he’ll be teaching two days of pressurized italics.

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