From this weekend’s Big Sky Scribes workshop

Montana Prairie JournalingA page this weekend's workshop -- Montana Prairie Journaling -- in Billings, Montana, taught by Jocelyn Curry. The workshop was a lot of fun. I hadn't done any sketching in quite some time. I bought a Winsor-Newton Cotman watercolor kit for the occasion, and enjoyed using it.
In workshops, I'm a slow worker (but not so in my own studio, for some reason), so my case was completely undecorated at the end of the workshop, but I did get all the sheets inside done.

Another DaVinci master drawing copy

Copy of Da Vinci's Study of a Male, at Windsor Castle, Royal Library. I don't see an image of the drawing online, although the companion frontal drawing is readily available. The original was done in red chalk, pen and ink. I used a sepia Conte stick for the chalk and a light orange chalk pencil for the ink, which was (faded to?) beige in the reproduction I have.

From life drawing class

Last week. I started from black and worked up from the shadows. I like this inverted way of drawing. Didn't have enough time to finish, although it was an interesting way to work.

… and even more body parts

I'm not even sharing all 30 noses with you. Nice of me, eh? The second image is of the last of seven (count 'em, 7) pages of noses. I was evidently a little punchy by then: the second to last nose is a bunny nose ...

More body parts

Only 1-1/2 weeks left in this compressed semester. Figure Drawing has been less painful than I anticipated, although the results have been every bit as lame as I envisioned. The difference, I think, is that I know longer worry about whether I'm going to fail. So when I do fail, it's not that painful anymore. I'm actually more cheerful about all this than it sounds. Noses will be next.

Figure Drawing assignment — partial

Here are a mere 18 of the 30 drawings of eyes that were assigned, and due last Monday. The assignment due today: 30 mouths.

This semester is a sprint.
Sometime I'll post some of the mouths, maybe more eyes, and a cover shot of single-poem book I made recently. Sometime when I get a chance to catch my breath ...


Here's something I started last semester as homework in my Drawing II class. From time to time I've added to it, and I did a little more today. It's a piece of drawing paper 18" x 24" (you only see half of it in this photo) we were given and told to doodle upon throughout the semester. When I complained that it was difficult to doodle in the middle of a sheet of paper that large, the instructor said we could fold it if we liked. So I folded my sheet into the one-page book structure that was the subject of my January 1 post. Which is why you can only see half of it.

The Alphabet, Improvised

Doodling on a grid. Done with Moon Palace sumi ink and a #4 Mitchell dip pen, except that the bottom two rows were done with an 01 Zig Millennium marker.