Books and more books

Today I took a stab at organizing the books in this set of shelves. My books are overflowing their shelves again ... still ... always ... it's just hopeless. Besides these bookshelves, which are in my studio, I have a similar but shorter set of shelves in another part of the studio, plus more built-in shelving over cabinets that span one whole wall, broken up in the middle by a hallway. I also have built-in shelves upstairs, and the rest of my art books take up two sections of those -- each section is about the size of the bookshelves shown here.

I think it's time to cull. Who am I kidding? It's always time to cull. Because I can rarely bring myself to do it, and it's downright dangerous. Today I came across some gems I want to re-read with new, older eyes, and some ideas I want to try, and some inspiration. It's tempting to just sit down in the middle of the studio floor and revisit some of these books.

Besides the overflowing books problems, the studio is something of a wreck from recent framing and matting. I mailed off a few pieces for the show at The Painted Fish, and generally got caught up on a bunch of little projects.

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