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We're starting an interesting project in my web design class. Groups of 4 people get together and agree on a basic narrative story and then each contribute 5 images that connect to the story. Then each person creates a website using the narrative and at least 1 image from each person in the group.

Our group narrative includes the following elements:

  • going to sleep;
  • a forest setting;
  • a fish named Lord Elric and a turtle named Sam, recurring characters;
  • being sent on a quest;
  • eat something, get special powers;
  • a monster or impossible situation;
  • wake up, write dream down, link to other narratives.

Here are 4 of the images I'm sharing. I have no idea what the others will contribute; I hope these will work. The lettering looks so much better than it would have before I'd worked with lettering in Illustrator. I'm pleased with it.

This last image is my very first attempt (well, 2nd, but I had to trash the first one because of a basic minunderstanding about paths) to make a drawing in Adobe Illustrator. I've done quite a lot now with type and converted images, but had never started from scratch to make an image in Illustrator. It's a weird result, but I'm pleased that I was actually able to accomplish it.
As usual, click on the thumbnails for a closer view.

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  1. You better show us the finished design. 🙂

    Once you get used to working with illustrator it is a lot of fun.
    That is the program I use for the die designs.

    PS I posted yesterday how I did the transfers with alcohol in case you are interested.

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