The finished book

Here are two views of the finished book. The different colors on the front are the result of sanding through all the layers of paint on the distressed surface.

It was gratifying to make, although I'm not sure I'll make another anytime soon. It's rather small not particularly sturdy -- not suitable for use as a carrying-around artist journal, for instance. It's more of a library book. If I remember correctly, these Egyptian books were stored face-up with the fore-edge pointing out, and they had metal feet on the back cover to protect the cover from being scraped as they were being removed from or replaced on the shelf. So formal content would be more in keeping with the structure of the book, and the idea of supplying (let's see: 12 signatures of 16 pages each equals) 192 pages of formal content is daunting!

But it is a very satisfying thing to hold in one's hand.

3 Replies to “The finished book”

  1. Oh, Beth, it is just glorious! I am so delighted to have become acquainted with your work.

  2. Beth I love it!!
    I could see a finished artists book like this.
    How wonderful to be able to take this class.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Laura and Toni. It was a fun and productive workshop. I think the most valuable experience was being exposed all these different materials and tools and techniques. I’ve never worked with wood very much before. (And of course now I want to go out and buy woodworking tools!)

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