Everything is blooming here — the camellias, the tulip magnolias, and the azaleas. Here’s a double-bloom camellia that’s blooming by the front walk. I used the Magic Wand in Photoshop to get rid of the background. I know this is a basic procedure in Photoshop, but today I finally figured out the various parts of the Magic Wand, and made a GIF with a transparent background too. Well, it looked transparent before I uploaded it, anyway. Now it’s just a white background, instead of a transparent one.

Here’s the original photo, cropped a little.

2 Replies to “Camellia”

  1. beautiful flower! isn’t photoshop great
    you said: “was talking about your November 29 post which had thumbnails of a very small manuscript book with a Christmas theme — “What Child is This”. Did you ever do any more pages. I loved the first page you showed.”

    ok now I remember see told you i was getting lod 😉
    No i have not had a chance yet. had to put it on a back burner for now. i ended up working 6 days a week at Christmas and still have not gotten caught up yet. But I will finish it.

  2. I think Photoshop is great. I don’t know enough yet to be sure 🙂

    I’ll look forward to seeing the book. I have one in the works now, but nothing ready to post yet.

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