In the middle of the Molly piece

Click on the thumbnail for a closer look.

Here’s where I am right now on it. And it’s about this point in a piece that I generally wonder whether I’m just masochistic or what. I mean, why decide to do all the lines in frisket? What was I thinking?? It’s like trying to write with a rubber band that keeps stretching and breaking. And the pen has be cleaned every 2 or 3 minutes. But the white lines are the unifying style of the piece, which is what was lacking on the previous 7 attempts.

And then I do the washes and I have to leave the studio to avoid messing with it too soon — I want to see what it “really” looks like with the frisket off.

That actually why I’m posting this right now, to try to avoid put the color on the grapes too soon …