Tallahassee #4

Here’s another one. There was another one — I don’t have an image for it — which was reader poem about the 2000 election. I did it as a sort of reverse to this one: white italic poem on black center, with black copperplate Election 2000 words on white. I like the idea of having the two election subjects done in a similar manner to connect events which are separated in history by 25 years.

2 Replies to “Tallahassee #4”

  1. Beth,
    I love all the pieces you posted for this show.
    Hope they do hang it or you get an opportunity to show somewhere.
    the use of the newspaper articles is neat.
    Love the collage effect

  2. Thanks, Toni.
    The show did happen, and they look great all together on the wall. Now that the show is up, maybe I can get back to blogging 🙂

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