Another page (unfinished) of the portfolio project

C – Connect. Unfinished page of the portfolio project, showing how weights have been added to monoline forms.

I’ve been so enamored of the pencil since Amity Parks’ workshop. I’m starting to think about moving back to the wet stuff. I still like drawing the letters, though; I may take that back to gouache and sumi ink.

Portfolio project

Remember this post? wherein I claimed to be making progress. Hahahahahaha.

I’ve scrapped those pages, and the minuscule progress I’ve made since then, to make it a pencil-only portfolio. Here are two completed pages. We will make portfolios for our projects in August, so I really do have to get cooking on these. 

Portfolio project – B is for Balance
Portfolio project – J is for Juxtapose

Guild project – making progress

2016-09-14-bms-project-gI’m finally getting serious about working on the project our local guild is doing.

I’ve decided to do the same layout for all 26 sheets, which are 6″ x 9″. I’ll have an illuminated modern versal in/on a 1-1/4″ square, a word below that in an idiosyncratic hand, and then a quote. It will be an abecedary of words that remind me How to Be in the World. That will be the title.

The smaller G was done at a guild meeting in which Diana taught this illuminated letter style, but it’s not quite centered, and not quite as large as I wanted the letters to be. So I re-did the letter, but used bristol vellum board and Derwent Inktense pencils (and water). I’m going to re-do this letter again, this time on hot-pressed watercolor paper and Schmincke gouache, which is what I used the first time.

Then (maybe) I’ll be off and running.

The M further back was in process, but on bristol board, so I’ll be scrapping that – at least for this project. The sheet beneath is my template which will provide a consistent structure for all the pages.