Oscar Wilde on Art

This quotations was inspired by the image displayed with Alex Savakis' interview with Martha Ericson.

The lettering looked like such fun, I channeled my inner 8-year-old and used a multi-colored gel pen. Halfway through I wished was writing on black paper, and later — voila! through the miracle of Photoshop — I had been.

Baudelaire on Design

This is a typeface I designed a couple of years ago. It was designed very badly, I might add — so badly, in fact, that I pretty much had to kern every single pair of letters to get it to look halfway decent. And I missed kerning the BJE in "subject", evidently.

Here is a scan of the Zig-markered original lettering that I used to make the typeface. Here's the typographic poster I blogged originally, using this typeface when it was just completed.

I don't think Baudelaire would approve this interpretation of his words 🙂