Piano accordion book

2015-04-09-piano-accordion-book-openedAt the beginning of the year I completed a small edition of the piano accordion book shown here for a book exchange. The accordion text which fits into the button box tells the story of how our son became interested in learning the accordion after a Suzuki Institute week in New Orleans, and how I eventually began playing the accordion with him. The accordion text in the box beneath the piano keys is a "Just So" story which explains how the politically incorrect lyrics to a popular 1940s accordion song came to be replaced with lyrics about healthy eating for a children's piano accordion primer.

2015-04-09-piano-accordion-book-unstrappedThe bellows alternates these two sets of lyrics.

The project was as much a graphic design puzzle as a calligraphy and bookbinding endeavor. I drew, painted, and lettered various parts of the book, scanned them into Photoshop, pasted it up in InDesign, and printed the parts on an Epson WorkForce 1100.