Work in progress/regress/progress

It's been very, very hectic here. This semester I'm taking Figure Drawing and LoFi Video. Both fun, but the scheduled is doubled up, so it will be a sprint for the next 5 weeks.

This piece (detail doesn't include personalization stuff at the bottom) is almost finished. Frustratingly, I discovered that the last name of two of the parents (shown here blurred around the circle) was misspelled as sent to me. Aargh. I'm waiting for an absolutely completely dry correction and the intestinal fortitude to take the knife to it.

5 Replies to “Work in progress/regress/progress”

  1. It’s beautiful Beth.
    Don’t you just want to say ARGH
    when they send you a miss spelling.

  2. Well, last night I came home and sliced and erased and burnished and painted. It looks all right. At this point, I’m just happy it’s done. I hope the client likes it.

  3. this is an inspiring piece! thanks for sharing!

    while I’m working on something, I’m usually careful to do it like buddhist monks make a sand mandala: “this will be destroyed, it is impermanent, don’t get attached to the result in either way”. So you can laugh when errors happen 🙂

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