A Walk in the Woods

I like to take our dog, Quixote, for a walk on the conservation easement near our house. The land is a pleasant combination of fields and woods, and this old barn is on the property. We went for romp yesterday afternoon. Q discovered a hawk dozing on a low limb, and there was some excitement for a bit. I took a lot of photographs, but the beautiful late-afternoon light proved difficult to translate in the lens. Here's one of the more successful(ly Photoshopped) shots.

I photographed Quixote in the early morning in our barn. He's a 9-month-old Leonberger.

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  1. He was in the breeder’s “Q” litter. I think there were 11 puppies in the litter, which means that 11 owners had to come up with names beginning with Q. I like our puppy’s name best of all.

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