Guild of Book Workers’ Exhibition

A little inspiration -- Abecedarium: An Exhibit of Alphabet Books.
And a terrible tease. A single image of a book gives you less information about that book than a trailer does for its movie. But whatcha gonna do? short of shooting a movie of someone turning the pages of the book, or somehow expropriating the Turning the Page software the British Museum.
Pretty wonderful software.

A single image of a book is still better than nothing at all. After all, I've got single images of hundreds of books at my website.

2 Replies to “Guild of Book Workers’ Exhibition”

  1. Yes, that’s a pretty interesting project at the Brit Lib.

    Have you seen this?

    It allows you to produce similar effects based on flickr tags: if you had a book digitised into flickr, it would be, to some extent, a way to display it.

  2. No, I’m not familiar with flickr. Looks interesting. I wonder what the learning curve is for flickr tags?

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