Paper stuff

Modular Marimba - one of many awesome paper models by Dan McPharlin

I love paper modeling and this guy Dan McPharlin does it right! He says, on his website, "... the Analogue Miniatures series was my attempt to pay tribute to early synthesizers and analogue recording equipment. Rather than replicating existing machines, the focus was on creating a revisionist history where analogue technology continued to flourish uninterrupted. Each piece was hand-made from framing matt-boards, paper, plastic sheeting, string and rubber bands." See them all together in a 36-photo set at Flickr.

"Analogue Miniatures 2" by Dan McPharlin

via Strictly Paper

Origami + Calligraphy

Last month I did some table cards to identify the food at a reception featuring Japanese and Chinese cuisine. I meant to take some photos before I let them go, but, as often happens, I forgot. So I was cleaning up the studio today and came across the remains of the project. These rejects show the Japanese and Chinese cards, respectively.