Here's a frame-by-frame animation I did for class, using rotoscoping. It's 76 quick sketches. At 12 frames per second, that's ... 6 seconds. I enjoyed the sketching more than I anticipated.

Two favorite videos (or more)

I really like Denis Brown's 2008 new year's greeting to fellow calligraphers. It works as a time-based greeting card, encouraging the viewer to slow down and reflect on the passage of time. Because of his background in sound production, I'm sure he produced the sound as well as the video, making this an entirely original piece.

I also like this kinetic typography piece based on part of "Lions Roar" by the Hush Sound. There's a lot going on.

A longtime favorite of mine is "The Child," created by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet for the french dj Alex Gopher, way back in 1999 -- or maybe earlier.


The semester is nearly through — only one final exam to go — and all the projects are done. Maybe not exactly finished, but done.

I completed this kinetic typography project in Graphic Design III this semester. I used three minutes of “Wonderful”, one of my favorite songs in the Stephen Schwartz’s musical, “Wicked”. It’s a Flash file, my first ever. I had a great time with it, and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.

Update 2017: I apologize in advance for those who can’t see this file. It was made in Flash, way back in 2008 when Flash was still cool.

Oops, if you can’t see this, is most likely because this is a Flash file, made way back when Flash was cool.