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Assembling Your Wedding Invitations for Mailing

For no-fold or single-fold invitations, place your inserted materials on top of the invitations. For multi-fold invitations or those with inside wording, place your inserted materials inside the fold.

The insertions go in the following order – from bottom to top:

  • tissue
  • reception card
  • map, directions
  • response envelope
  • response card, tucked into the flap of the response envelope

Place your assembled package of invitation and inserts inside the inner envelope, printed side up -- facing the flap. The inner envelope is then placed inside the outer envelope, flap side facing the front of the outer envelope. Don't seal your envelopes until you are finished, because you'll have a chance to double-check your invitations once they're all assembled.

If you begin with stacks which have the same number of pieces, you can be sure that if you finish with the same number of pieces in each stack then you haven't misssed any inserted materials in any invitation. If the remaining stacks aren't even, you can still check the invitations to see which one is either missing an insertion, or has an extra insertion, and correct it. Then you can seal your envelopes.