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Resources: Calligraphy

Links to online calligraphy including:
  • Web sites of individual calligraphers
  • Ornamental penmanship
  • Calligraphy blogs
  • Calligraphy organizations
  • Educational opportunities
  • Calligraphy exhibits
  • Study aids and recommendations

Resources: Other Areas of Art

Links to other paper art, including:
  • Cut paper work
  • Other paper art
  • Contemporary text artists
  • Useful paper arts techniques

Resources: Book Arts

Book Show 2008 link

The book exhibition, Feathers, Fins & Foliage has come and gone, but a web-based exhibit is now up. Click on the logo above to get there.

Galleries of artist books from
six Internet book swaps

Links to a wide variety of book arts websites, including websites of individual book artists, book arts organizations, educational opportunities, online tutorials, manuscript books online, and bookbinding structures.

Peter Verheyen's Book Arts Web is the most comprehensive site imaginable for book artists. This site includes a Catalogue of Available Artist's Books, Book Arts Gallery, Book Arts Links, and information about the Book Arts Listserv, which he moderates.

Recommended Reading

Books and periodicals on the subjects of:

Art Supplies

Links to art suppliers including:
Links to art directories online: