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Individual Calligraphers

Favorite master calligraphers:
  • Denis Brown -- an enormously talented Irish calligrapher and visual artist.
  • An introduction to Michael Clark's work shows some of his commercial lettering. He has edited several issues of the magazine Scripsit; each issue features the work of several excellent lettering artists. Order them from John Neal, Bookseller (see Resources).
  • Glen Epstein teaches at the University of Iowa, and has many decades of experience as a calligrapher.
  • Thomas Ingmire -- master calligrapher and teacher usually living in San Francisco.
  • Martin Jackson -- Canadian calligrapher and teacher.
  • Michael Kecseg -- pointed pen genius.
  • Brody Neuenschwander -- master calligrapher who has applied his art to many different situations.
  • Izzy Pludwinski lives and works in Jerusalem. A gallery of his work -- Hebrew and English -- is presented, as well as information about his correspondence course in basic Hebrew lettering geared toward "Latin" calligraphers.
Even more excellent calligraphers:

Ornamental Penmanship

Favorite ornamental penpersons:
The web sites for ornamental penmanship resources online:
  • Dr. Joe Vitolo's web site,, provides all kinds of information about Ornamental Penmanship including lessons, informatino about pen nibs, histories of master penmen, videos of ornamental penmanship techniques, and much more.


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