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Calligraphy for Weddings and Other Celebrations

Bringing Your Work to the Calligrapher

If you receive your envelopes from the stationer pre-stuffed with the invitations, please remove the invitations before delivering the envelopes to your calligrapher. If you choose to leave the invitations inside the envelopes, then I will charge the rate for lined envelopes.

Here's a checklist of items to bring to the calligrapher:

  • the address list, in proper format
  • the envelopes, both inner and outer (provide 10% more than the total number of addresses)
  • the contract, with a 50% deposit
  • your contact information

Changes and additions are a fact of life. In 25 years of addressing wedding invitations, I have had only one bride who made no changes to her list – and she had a two-day turn-around from blank envelopes to mailing! When you have an addition or change, please e-mail me the change or addition; do not e-mail me a revised copy of the entire copy of the address list.

While the calligrapher is working on your invitations, you will want to take the time to go to the post office with a fully assembled invitation. There, the postal clerk can weigh the invitation and you can purchase the correct postage for each invitation. Knowing the correct postage before you mail the invitations can save you a huge headache.