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Formatting Your Address List

A typed list is required. You may provide a typed list in label format, or an Excel or Google spreadsheet. The list must be printed in caps and lower case; no lists in all capitals will be accepted.

If you provide your list in Excel format, you may choose to download the Excel template here, or you may provide your own Excel file from scratch. In either case, the following fields are needed (examples are in parentheses):

  • Name1 (Mr. and Mrs. John Smith) (Mr. John Smith)
  • Name2 (Ms. Jane Doe)
  • Street1 (Apartment C1)
  • Street2 (123 Elm Street)
  • City (Tallahassee)
  • State (FL)
  • ZIP (32301)
  • InnerLine1 (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)
  • InnerLine2 (Misses Amanda and Samantha)