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Donna Mitchell

Donna Mitchell

This handmade book utilizes paste paper covers to conceal an intricately folded strip of paper. At first glance, the text arrangement seems mysterious!
In this book the text was arranged in a specific format written in a modified Italic & one must unlock the secret to decipher the message. The reader finds the beginning of the text and then the book is specifically rotated & turned enabling the text to be revealed. The artist's book was accompanied by directions for reading! This book was introduced in Montana at a Bookbinding workshop by Carol Pallesen.
The paper is cut at an accurate 60-degree angle, then folded into triangles. The length of the paper strip determines the number of pages. For ease in folding (which must be accurate) it is best to use light weight paper.
Exchange version is a smaller edition with blue curved cover and rainbow ribbon closure. Color copied in both editions and the quotes on color are in relaxed Roman caps.

Book 2-3/4" point to point.